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Build, grow, and care for family

Whether you’re trying to start or grow your family, find care when you can’t be there, or get support for the many challenges of parenthood, Intuit offers a range of resources.


Virtual family planning

Maven, an on-demand family planning program, offers Intuit medical plan participants 24/7 support at every stage—from preconception and fertility to pregnancy, parental leave, and return to work. Maven features a wide range of family planning, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric specialists. Register with Maven online or download the Maven Clinic app from Google Play or the App Store.

Fertility coverage through your Intuit medical plans

If you’re enrolled in an Intuit medical plan, you have additional support through UHC and Cigna for fertility assistance, including a $30,000 lifetime medical benefit plus a $10,000 lifetime prescription drug benefit. For more information, contact your health plan.

Adoption and surrogacy assistance

Adding to your family through adoption or surrogacy is wonderful and exciting. It also involves a lot of planning, legal work, and expense. Intuit will help you offset the costs of adoption or surrogacy.

Childcare and eldercare resources

When you can’t be there, turn to Bright Horizons to fill the gaps, including:

  • Subsidized backup care for short-term or last-minute childcare or eldercare needs
  • Resources and discounts for ongoing childcare through Sittercity
  • Comprehensive eldercare resources—including in-home and legal and financial experts

Learn more about Intuit’s child and elder care resources. Get started by visiting the Bright Horizons website (register using your Intuit employee ID number).

24/7 access to parenting and pediatric specialists

Maven’s Parenting & Pediatrics offers parents no-cost, 24/7 virtual access to specialists, including relationship counselors, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and developmental psychologists. To get started, register with Maven online or download the Maven Clinic app from Google Play or the App Store. You must be enrolled in an Intuit medical plan to participate.

Nurture a neurodiverse child

RethinkCare supports parents raising children with learning, social or behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities, and neurodiversity. Think of RethinkCare behavior experts as an extension of your existing care team, helping you apply therapeutic strategies and interventions to home and other environments so you can maximize progress. To sign up, visit Intuit’s RethinkCare website and use enrollment code Intuit.

Pet insurance discounts

You can find discounted pet insurance through Nationwide Pet Insurance. Visit the Intuit Discount Marketplace and search for “Pet.”