The information on this page is for regular employees. If you’re a SelectTime or Seasonal employee, visit the Benefits site for you.

Relax, recharge, and renew

Never underestimate the power of self-care, decompressing, and doing absolutely nothing. Whether you’re battling burnout, caring for yourself or a family member’s illness, grieving a loss, needing time to unwind or declutter, Intuit’s time away programs give you the time you need, when you need it.


Paid time off options

To recharge

  • Enjoy paid vacation time to rest and relax.
  • Celebrate on paid annual holidays.
  • Rest up on recharge days, during which the company collectively takes time off from work to disconnect. 

To celebrate you

Take a paid day off to celebrate your birthday.

To care for yourself and others

  • Sick time provides paid time off to care for yourself or a family member with an acute illness or health condition.
  • Family Support Time offers up to four weeks of paid time off to provide care and support for a qualified family member.
  • We Care & Give Back gives you paid time off to volunteer and help those who need it most.
  • Bereavement leave provides paid time off for a death in your immediate family, including a pet.

To welcome a new family member

Enjoy paid Parental Time Off to bond with a newborn or newly adopted or foster child.

To attend to special circumstances

Leave of absence options

A leave of absence gives you additional flexibility for time off under certain circumstances.

If you can't work

If you are a birth parent, bonding with your newborn, managing an illness, or caring for a family member

If you are a member of the active military

Employees who are members of the active military are eligible for time off for military duty based on their military orders.

If you live in California

Employees working in California may have additional leave of absence options available.

If you have exhausted or are ineligible for other leaves

If you have exhausted or are ineligible for other types of leave of absence, personal leave may be available to you.