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Free mindfulness and resilience resources

Improve your state of mind and ability to manage life’s stresses with digital mindfulness and resilience programs. All regular employees have access to these programs. Kaiser also offers additional programs to Kaiser medical plan participants.

How it works
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How it works

When it comes to mindfulness and resiliency, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. Intuit offers many digital resources to help you and your eligible dependents feel your best.

Looking to explore other mental health and wellbeing support? Check out the mental health and wellbeing page to learn more about everything that’s available to you through Intuit.

Life coaches

Through Virgin Pulse, you have access to certified and credentialed life coaches who can provide you with support in lifestyle and condition management. Get started by logging in to your Virgin Pulse account. Under Health (heart icon), select Coaches to find a date and time for your initial 30- to 45-minute call.

Everyday resilience support for adults and teens

Intuit offers mindfulness resources for you and your teenage dependents.

  • RethinkCare adults through Virgin Pulse. Relax more, stress less, increase your creativity, innovation and resiliency, and find more joy in life through online trainings and support tools on a variety of topics. Connect with RethinkCare. (First time users, will need to first register with Virgin Pulse.)
  • Grow from RethinkCare for teens. Helps teens improve their health, relationship, performance at school and in sports, and get more sleep. Your dependents ages 13 and older can register and access 250 programs and 1,500 unique sessions. Get started by registering with Grow from RethinkCare. (First time users, will need to first register with Virgin Pulse.)

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser offers additional digital resources for members.

  • Kaiser myStrength. A cognitive behavioral therapy-based app, which offers guided programs and tools for a range of mental health needs and challenges—from managing depression and anxiety to practicing mindfulness and meditation and improving sleep.
  • Calm. A meditation and sleep app that can help you lower your stress, reduce your anxiety, and improve your sleep.
  • Headspace Care. A one-on-one support app offering text-based support with emotional support coaches and access to additional self-care resources based on your needs.

Get started with your Kaiser digital care apps for everyday life. Select your region from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

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