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Surrogacy assistance

We want to support you in expanding your family, so you can worry less about finances and focus more on the joys of being a parent. Intuit’s surrogacy assistance program helps you with eligible expenses associated with lawful surrogacy arrangements. This benefit is taxable income and will be reported on your Form W-2 as taxable wages.

Intuit reserves the right to make changes or eliminate this program at any time and for any reason.


To participate in the surrogacy assistance program, you must be:

  • A regular employee scheduled to work 20+ hours per week
  • Employed by Intuit at the time the expenses were incurred, substantiated, and approved

If your spouse/domestic partner works at Intuit, only one of you is eligible to submit expenses for reimbursement.

How it works

How to get started

Intuit will reimburse you up to a total of $30,000 per child and up to a lifetime maximum of $60,000 (for two children, not to exceed $30,000 per child) for qualifying expenses that you’ve incurred (and are nor otherwise reimbursable) resulting in a fully completed and lawful surrogacy contract through a bona fide agency.

A fully completed surrogacy contract is one that results in you being recognized as the parent of a child on a birth certificate, court order of adoption, or post-birth court order recognizing your parental rights under applicable law and does not violate any state, local, or federal laws.

A bona fide surrogacy agency is an established commercial organization or agency with a valid business license that provides surrogacy services including but not limited to consultation, screening and matching process through to the delivery of a child and return-to-home plans.


To submit a reimbursement request, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Surrogacy Assistance Program Reimbursement Request Form within six months of the date of birth or the date in which you assume parental rights of the child. Be sure to include details surrounding each expense, as well as invoices/receipts and proof of payment.
  2. Submit the form and supporting documentation to HR Connect.

If further requests or documentation is needed, your HR Connect advisor will reach out to you directly. If your request is approved, you will be notified by the HR Connect advisor, and the reimbursement will be paid out within two pay periods of approval. Any and all decisions related to reimbursement are final and binding.

Ineligible expenses

  • Any and all medical expenses related to the surrogacy, including screening, testing, evaluations, drugs, retrieval, storage, insemination, IVF, prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care (some or all of these may be covered under the surrogate mother’s medical plan or your medical plan, depending on the service being provided)
  • Expenses paid directly to the surrogate mother (these expenses must be paid through a bona fide agency)
  • Surrogacy expenses without a valid surrogacy contract or in violation of applicable law
  • Short-term disability or insurance expenses for the surrogate
  • Expenses reimbursed under Intuit’s adoption assistance program or any other Intuit benefit plan or program
  • Any expenses reimbursed to you by any other entity, including under another employer’s plan or program, or a governmental program or service (e.g., legal fees covered by a prepaid insurance program or your spouse’s employer’s reimbursement program)

Common questions

How do I submit an expense? Complete the Surrogacy Assistance Program Reimbursement Request Form.


Surrogacy Assistance Program Reimbursement Request Form

Where to get help

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