The information on this page is for regular employees. If you’re a SelectTime or seasonal employee, visit the benefits site for you.

Enrolling & Making Changes

Start taking advantage of the many benefits that Intuit offers, or make changes to your current elections. Here’s what you need to know:

When to Enroll
How to Enroll
If You Don’t Enroll
Making Changes

When to Enroll

You can enroll in Intuit’s benefits and flexible spending accounts:

  • As a new hire, within 31 days of your first day of work.
  • During the annual enrollment period every June. You’ll get detailed enrollment instructions with your enrollment materials.
  • Within 31 days of a qualified family status change.

How to Enroll

Connect with Accolade to get help with your benefits decisions. You and your family can quickly and easily connect with an Accolade Health Assistant® who thoroughly understands your Intuit benefits. Your health assistant is a single point of contact dedicated to helping you with any questions that arise when you enroll as well as any health and wellness questions you and your family have throughout the year.

Once you’ve explored all of the benefits options available to you, you’re ready to complete the three enrollment steps below. Select your benefits carefully—you won’t be able to make changes until the next annual enrollment period that happens every June, with your new benefits taking effect August 1. The exception is if you have a qualified family status event, such as having a baby or getting married.

  • Step 1: Log in to Alight using your Intuit directory username and password. Have your Social Security number handy, plus the names, birth dates and Social Security numbers of any dependents you wish to cover, or any beneficiaries you wish to designate.
  • Step 2: Use the Enrollment Decision Toolkit to:
    • Estimate your total annual medical expenses (paycheck deductions and out-of-pocket costs) under each plan.
    • Find doctors.
    • Estimate the appropriate level of life insurance for yourself and your family.
    • Estimate how much you might want to set aside in a Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.
    • Follow step-by-step instructions to see your available options by benefit.
  • Step 3: Make your elections. Be sure to select the spousal surcharge, if applicable, and add your dependent and beneficiary information. When you’re finished, click “Confirm” then print the confirmation page and keep it for your records. You will not receive a printed copy in the mail.

If You Don’t Enroll

If you don’t enroll as a new hire, you’ll receive medical coverage, for yourself only, through the Cigna Managed Network Plan. See costs for applicable bi-weekly paycheck deductions. You will not have dental or vision coverage. Additional default coverage includes:

Making Changes

Aside from the annual enrollment period, the only time you can make changes to your benefits is when you have a qualified life event, such as having a baby or getting married. Learn more about how life changes affect your benefits.