Pension Scheme/Retirement Savings Plan

The Intuit Pension Scheme is a powerful savings vehicle that helps you build financial security by allowing you to both contribute to the savings plan and receive company contributions. Taxes on any investment growth are deferred until you take your money out. The plan is managed by Mivtach Simon Insurance (MVS). 


All active Intuit employees can participate subject to eligibility.

How it works

How to enroll

Learn about making contributions to the Pension Scheme.

How to get started

Contributions and company match

  • Employee contributes 6.5% through payroll deductions.
  • Intuit contributes up to 7.5% (includes disability) and 8.33% (severance pay).
  • Life and disability insurance is provided through the personal pension plan.
  • You can elect and personalise your plan via MVS or your private insurance agency.
  • Employer contributions are based on your eligible earnings.*
  • Your contributions are made.

* Eligible earnings include base salary and IPI. Base salary includes holiday pay, maternity leave top-up, paternity leave pay, short-term disability pay, sick pay, and vacation pay. The taxation is paid according to the requirements of the Israeli law and taxes deducted according to tax ceilings.

Contribution limits

Employer deductions Employee deductions Deductions for severance pay
Minimum 6.5% Minimum 6% Minimum 6%
Maximum 7.5% Maximum 7% Maximum 8.33%


Learn how to make changes to your beneficiaries.

Common questions

How do I enroll in the pension scheme?
How do I change beneficiaries?

Where to get help

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