Health assessment

Having a full picture of your health gives you the data to make changes that positively impact your health. The health assessment asks you simple questions about your health and habits, then suggests actions you can take to live longer and healthier.

Share your results with your doctor during your annual physical exam, and work with him or her to use your results to set your health goals for the year.

Using your health assessment data, the Virgin Pulse website will recommend Intuit wellness programs that can help you reach your overall wellness goals.


The health assessment is available to employees who work 20 hours or more per week and their spouse or domestic partner who is enrolled in an Intuit medical plan.

How it works

The health assessment, available through the Virgin Pulse platform, takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Your information can only be shared with third-party wellness partners to invite you to participate in appropriate follow-up or health-improvement programs. Your personal health information will never be shared with Intuit. Intuit receives only aggregate data, which we use to improve our wellness programs over time and allocate resources appropriately. Intuit will never receive any information that could be linked to or used to identify you or any other individual participant.

How to get started

Existing Virgin Pulse members

Log in to Virgin Pulse (if you are not signed in on the Intuit network, you will be prompted to enter your Intuit directory username and password).

New to Virgin Pulse

Log in and select Join Now.

Where to get help

Virgin Pulse Support

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