Well-being for Life Program

We want you to be healthy in all aspects of your life. That means your physical, emotional and financial well-being. If you're a regular employee, you're eligible to receive up to 3700 ILS per fiscal year to help defray the cost of expenses related to well-being for you and your family. We understand that your well-being needs are unique and personalized. That’s why the Well-being for Life Program has been expanded to support anything that falls under physical, emotional or financial well-being, as well as any expenses you feel would support your family’s needs, with the exception of the ineligible items listed below. You must be actively employed at the time the expense is incurred and when you submit reimbursement documentation.

Any item you choose is eligible for reimbursement, except those listed as ineligible below.

Get Reimbursed

To request reimbursement under the Well-being for Life Program, visit Darwin, Your Benefits Administrator. Once you log in via single sign on, select Reimbursements. The approved claims will be paid within 2 pay periods.

Your request must be submitted and approved by July 31 to apply toward the current fiscal year. If you're leaving Intuit, be sure to submit your reimbursement request and receipts at least 10 business days before your termination date. Your request must be approved before your termination date. Any pending requests are still subject to review and have the potential to be rejected.

Ensure your receipts total the entire amount you wish to claim under the Well-being for Life Program. Receipts must be legible, match the amount being requested, and include your name, the date of purchase and the item purchased. You must include an English translation of any text on your receipt that is in Hebrew. You can create your own receipt for domestic help expenses.

The Well-being for Life Program reimbursement will be included on your paycheck and you are responsible for the taxes on the reimbursement.

You are eligible to be reimbursed for fitness expenses incurred any time after your hire date. However, if you're a newly hired employee, you must wait until you receive your first paycheck before submitting your reimbursement requests.

Ineligible Expenses