I’m having a child

Congratulations on your new addition!

Preparing for the arrival of a new child can be both an exciting and stressful time. We want you to feel informed and confident about our policies related to your future maternity leave. Your Intuit benefits can pave the way for a smooth arrival. We have you covered with support through your pregnancy, assistance with adoption expenses, generous time away from work to bond with the little one, and more.

You may want to

  • Understand the total duration of maternity leave that applies to you under the maternity leave policy.
  • Update your HRBP/manager with the great news so the necessary actions can be taken, such as initiating your maternity leave pay through insurance and enrolling your child in the medical insurance policy.
  • Drop a note to HRConnect with your baby’s name, ID number and date of birth (DoB) so your baby can be enrolled under the medical insurance plan from Day 1.
  • Fill in a new 101 form for tax purposes once you have your baby’s ID number.

Benefits impacted by maternity leave

  • You’ll continue to participate in Intuit’s benefit plans such as meal benefits. However, because this benefit is taxable and you won’t have a paycheck to deduct taxes from during your leave, you’ll be taxed when you return from your leave.
  • You’ll be eligible to participate in all the reimbursement benefits provided by Intuit, such as the Wellbeing for Life program, dental, and vision. The reimbursement will appear in your first paycheck after you return from your leave.
  • You’ll continue to earn service credit as though you’ve been continuously employed during your leave.
  • You’ll continue to accrue vacation and sick days.
  • You’ll be eligible for IPI without any proration.
  • Your stocks/RSUs will continue to vest during this period.
  • While on leave, your Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) deductions will stop automatically except for the four-week period when the salary is paid by Intuit. If you do not wish to contribute to the ESPP during this four-week period, follow the suspend your contributions steps on the ESPP page.
  • While you’re on leave, Intuit will continue to pay the employer portion of your pension fund (6.5%) and 8.33% severance fee in order to maintain the continuity of your fund. Intuit will also pay the employee deduction (6%). Once you’re back from leave, you’ll be asked to retroactively pay back the employee portion temporarily covered by Intuit. You can choose to have this deducted from your first paycheck after your return or split among multiple paychecks.
  • The above approach also applies to the education fund. Intuit will cover both the employer part (7.5%) and the employee part (2.5%) while you’re on leave. Once you return from your leave, the amount will be retroactively deducted.
  • If you’d like to continue the pension/education fund deductions during the unpaid leave, please contact your pension broker directly.
  • Intuit will pay the employer cost of Bituach Leumi during the first two months. To be covered after the first two months, contact Bituach Leumi directly.

Year-end talent process and pay

If you’re on approved maternity leave at the time of the year-end talent and pay process, you’ll be treated as an active employee. Your ratings will reflect the results of your work during the time that you’re at work. You’ll also be eligible for compensation changes based on your performance evaluation (merit, IPI, equity), and the changes will be reflected in your first paycheck upon your return from maternity leave.

Return from maternity leave

  • Towards the end of your 19 weeks of paid maternity leave, contact your manager to discuss your return plans.
  • You’re eligible to use your accrued vacation days to cover part of your leave. Reach out to your HRBP if you need more information/guidance.
  • If you decide to leave the company right after your maternity leave, Intuit will deduct the expenses (pension, meals, benefits expenses) from your final salary as a one-time payment.

Where to get help

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