Intuit will reimburse you up to 550 ILS per year toward the cost of your spectacles or lenses.


To request reimbursement under the Vision program:

  1. Create a request in Darwin, Your Benefits Administrator.
  2. Upload a PDF or soft copy of your receipts.
  3. You can submit multiple requests for reimbursement during the fiscal year (1 August–31 July).

Note: Ensure your receipts total the entire amount you wish to claim (taxes included). You must include an English translation of any text on your receipt that is in Hebrew. This includes your name, vendor details, items/services purchased, payment amount and date.

The deadline for FY 2021 is July 31, 2021.

Ensure that the receipts total the entire amount wished to be claimed for the fiscal year. Expenses must be incurred in the same fiscal year for which you are submitting receipts.

Vision reimbursement will be included on your paycheck.