I’m grieving a loss

Please accept our condolences for your loss. If someone close to you has died, consider exploring Intuit’s mental health and wellbeing programs which include access to counseling and support during this difficult time.

If you are the dependent and/or beneficiary of a deceased Intuit employee:

  • If you are currently covered under the employee’s medical plan, you are eligible for continued coverage for three months after the employee's death.
  • You may be entitled to your loved one’s pension and life insurance account balances.
  • If the Intuit employee had equity holdings (ESPP shares, stock options, or RSUs), you will receive a closing stock statement from Intuit’s stock plan administrator detailing the holdings and steps to take to ensure these assets are transferred appropriately.

If you are an Intuit employee, and your dependent and/or beneficiary has died:

  • You should update your beneficiary selection on your pension, life and disability plan and can drop coverage for your dependent.  Learn how to name or change beneficiaries.
  • Learn more about the leave programs available to you as an Intuit employee experiencing a time of grief.