Your health is important to Intuit. Your health plan coverage helps you stay healthy and protects you in the event of injury or illness.

Coverage is provided by Menorah Insurance and includes:

  • Outpatient coverage, including medical examinations, MRIs and lab tests
  • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and dietary consultations
  • Medicines not covered by the government (up to 3 million ILS)
  • Pregnancy testing, IVF and surrogacy
  • Medical devices such as CPCA, hearing aids and orthopedic shoes
  • Cancer treatments
  • Surgeries in Israel and abroad, including transplants and consultations with a medical expert
  • Surgery substitutions or alternatives to surgery

Exceptions may apply. Review the policy document or contact MVS for full details.

Effective Date of Coverage

Coverage is automatic when you join and is effective once you provide your details of coverage, subject to a 60-day qualification period.

Intuit IL will fully fund the premium for both you and your family members. You will all join the policy automatically and will not be required to fill out a health questionnaire.

Who is Eligible?

Coverage is available to:

  • Regular full-time and part-time employees
  • Spouses (including same-sex spouses and domestic partners who are declared on the 101 tax form) up to age 67
  • Dependent children up to age 25 (including adopted children and a spouse's children from a previous marriage)

Premiums & Tax

Insured Premium (ILS)
Employee 120
Spouse and adult child 120
Child 45

Your health plan coverage is considered a benefit in kind. Intuit is required to take tax on the value of your coverage. You will see the benefit reflected on your monthly payslip for the employee premium costs, which will be grossed up so that your tax net is zero.

Leaving Intuit

When you leave Intuit, you may purchase a private medical policy from the insurer, with a 20 percent discount for four years, without having to fill out a health questionnaire (when you purchase the same coverage you had while employed at Intuit). To be eligible for continued coverage, you need to request to transfer to private insurance within 90 days of your last day of employment. To do so, please contact your agent, Mivtach Simon.