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Want a second opinion?

If you’re uncertain about a medical diagnosis or the appropriate treatment, Intuit offers Expert Medical Opinion—a no-cost second opinion service for you and your covered dependents.


Expert Medical Opinion is offered as part of your Intuit benefits and is at no cost to you!

How it works

There’s no appointment needed. Participation is completely voluntary and confidential.

1. Get advice on your medical condition

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2. Ask the expert

Get answers from a doctor to basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. No more wondering what steps to take or relying on internet searches. Instead, get a personalized response for your situation from a qualified doctor.

3. Find an Expert Medical Opinion for your condition

Get a list of leading, recognized in-network specialists based on your unique condition, physician preferences, and insurance information. Expert Medical Opinion can help make an appointment and help you prepare for your doctor visit with important questions to ask.

How to get started

To get started, call 855-380-7828.


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