Well-being for Life Program

We want you to be healthy in all aspects of your life. That means your physical, emotional and financial well-being.

If you're a regular employee, you're eligible to receive up to $1,000 per fiscal year to help defray the cost of eligible expenses. These include physical well-being expenses like personal trainers, gym memberships and weight-loss programs; emotional well-being expenses like life coaches, massages and sleep programs; and financial well-being expenses like financial advising and planning services.

Get even more bang for your buck! Take advantage of the GlobalFit program, which offers discounts on fitness and wellness activities, and then get reimbursed through the Well-being for Life Program.

This benefit is for employees only and does not cover dependents. You must be actively employed when you submit reimbursement documentation.

How It Works

Each fiscal year, get reimbursed up to $1,000 for these physical, emotional and financial well-being expenses. Note: Gift cards for future services are not eligible for reimbursement.

Get Reimbursed

To request reimbursement under the Well-being for Life Program, visit Darwin, Your Benefits Administrator. Once you log in via single sign on, select Reimbursements.

Your request must be submitted and approved by July 31 to apply toward the current fiscal year. The standard turnaround time for reimbursement is two pay periods. If you're leaving Intuit, be sure to submit your reimbursement request at least 10 business days before your termination date.

You can submit multiple requests for reimbursement during the year, up to the maximum of $1,000 for the fiscal year (August 1–July 31). Just be sure your receipts total the entire amount you wish to claim. This is a taxable benefit. Receipts must be legible and match the amount being requested. Invoices are not eligible, unless in “paid” status. Reimbursement requests will remain in pending status until all required documentation is provided.