The information on this page is for regular employees. If you’re a SelectTime or seasonal employee, visit the Benefits site for you.

My spouse’s benefit status is changing

When you’re part of a couple, what happens to one of you often affects you both. If your spouse experiences a change in his or her employer-provided benefits, you have 31 days from the date his or her benefits status changes to enroll in or make changes to your benefits.

Connect with an Accolade Health Assistant® to learn how this change may affect your benefits.

Medical, dental, and vision

You can add or drop coverage for yourself and/or eligible dependents.

Flexible Spending Accounts

You can:

  • Enroll.
  • Stop participating.
  • Change your contributions.

Life and accident insurance

You can change your coverage level.

To make changes to your benefits, call Alight at 1-866-468-8236 within 31 days of the date that your spouse’s benefits status changes.