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Pharmacy benefits

All Intuit medical plans include pharmacy benefits which include generic and brand, preferred and non-preferred medications and supplies. Prescriptions can be filled at your pharmacy or by mail order.


Regular full-time and part-time employees. Flextime employees, interns, co-op and Seasonal employees are included in a 12-month measurement period to determine health care benefit eligibility.

How it works

How to enroll

Prescription drug coverage is included when you enroll in an Intuit medical plan.

How to get started

CVS Caremark

All UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and Cigna medical plans include prescription drug coverage administered by CVS Caremark. You will receive a prescription drug ID card separate from your medical plan ID card from CVS Caremark. By showing your CVS Caremark ID card, you can fill a prescription at CVS and most major pharmacy locations nationwide.

Prescription cost is determined by the type of medication and your medical plan. To learn more, check out the CVS Caremark coverage documents on My Benefits.

Medical Plan Cigna Choice Fund
with HSA Plan
Cigna Managed
Network Plan
Network Plan
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum Prescription amounts count toward medical plan out-of-pocket maximum Individual: $4,100
Family: $6,200
Individual: $4,100
Family: $6,200
Retail (per 30-day supply), after deductible*
Preferred Generic $5 or less $5 or less $5 or less
Preferred Brand 10% ($15 minimum) 30% ($30 min/$90 max) $30
Non-preferred Brand & Generic 10% ($30 minimum) 50% ($50 min/$150 max) $60
Mail order (per 90-day supply), after deductible*
Preferred Generic $10 $10 $10
Preferred Brand 10% ($30 minimum) 30% ($60 min/$180 max) $60
Non-preferred Brand & Generic 10% ($60 minimum) 50% ($100 min/$300 max) $120

*Specialty drugs are included in the three-tier cost structure and are exclusive to CVS Specialty Pharmacy only.

CVS Caremark includes these services:

  • FastStart® offers easy ways to get started with mail service. Register online, by mail, by phone or by your doctor calling.
  • Maintenance Choice® lets you choose how you get 90-day supplies of your maintenance medications: through mail service or at a CVS Caremark pharmacy store. Either way, you pay mail service prices.
  • CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy is the exclusive pharmacy for specialty medications and is designed for individuals with rare, complex or genetic conditions that require specialty care with a high level of support. The specialty pharmacy offers convenient delivery of specialty medications, personalized service and educational support for your specific treatment.
  • MinuteClinic® walk-in medical clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in family health care. They care for children and adults, with no appointment needed. Services include diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses, injuries and skin conditions; administration of vaccinations, injections, health screenings and physicals; and monitoring for chronic conditions. Services can be claimed through your medical benefits.
  • ExtraCare® Health Card provides you and your family with a 20% discount on CVS brand health-related products.

Kaiser Pharmacy

Kaiser prescription benefits are covered through Kaiser Pharmacy. Prescription cost is determined by the type of medication. To learn more, check out the Kaiser Permanente documents on the Kaiser website.

Medical Plan Kaiser California Kaiser Georgia
Retail (up to 30-day supply)
Generic $10 $10
Brand $20 $20
Specialty $20 $30
Mail Order (up to 100-day supply)
Generic $20 $20
Brand $40 $40
Specialty Not Available $60

Types of prescriptions

Preferred generic

You save money on top-quality medications if you choose a generic drug when you fill a prescription. A generic drug contains the same active ingredients and comes in the same strengths as the original brand name drug. Any generic drug that our plans use will meet strict requirements for quality and purity from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Preferred brand

Certain brand-name drugs are available at preferred pricing based on the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of the drug. You pay a lower portion of the cost, copay or coinsurance for preferred brand drugs compared to non-preferred drugs.

Non-preferred brand and generic

You pay the highest portion of the cost, copay or coinsurance for non-preferred drugs.

Prescription mail order

Mail order offers the convenience of having medications you take on a regular basis delivered right to your door at a savings. Use mail order for maintenance medications you take on an ongoing basis for conditions like asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Some medications have quantity limits and/or are not available through mail order.

Preventive medications and supplies

Certain preventive medications and supplies are covered at no cost to you and are not subject to meeting a deductible. These medications require a prescription and are subject to certain eligibility requirements. These no-cost benefits can include:

  • Medicine and supplements to prevent certain health conditions for adults, women and children
  • Medicine and products for quitting smoking or chewing tobacco (tobacco cessation)
  • Medicine used prior to screenings for certain health conditions in adults
  • Some contraceptive types for women

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CVS Caremark
Prescription Drugs
Plan/Group Number: INTUI
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Kaiser Northern California
Plan/Group Number: 34125
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Kaiser Southern California
Plan/Group Number: 128242
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Kaiser Georgia
Plan/Group Number: 10646
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Kaiser Hawaii
Plan/Group Number: 10763
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