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Learning, social, or behavioral challenges support

Raising kids is tough. Rethink Benefits provides support to families raising children with learning, social or behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities, and neurodiversity.

Watch this brief program overview video to learn more.


This program is provided to Intuit employees and their families at no cost.

How it works

How to enroll

To sign up, visit Intuit’s Rethink Benefits website and use enrollment code Intuit.

How to get started

Through Rethink Benefits, you gain 24/7 access to consultations with a dedicated behavior expert and unlimited use of the website filled with step-by-step videos, resources, and exclusive content. The program has no age restrictions, requires no diagnosis, and is completely confidential.

Rethink Benefits doesn’t replace in-home consultation or in-person therapy. Instead, it’s a benefit for you as the parent. Therapy services can help your child develop new skills and reduce behavior challenges, and the best way to maximize that progress is to ensure you’re maintaining gains at home as well. Rethink Benefits’s behavior experts help parents generalize the strategies and interventions to situations outside of therapy. They support collaborating with in-home or clinic-based providers and, since providers can be added as care-team members on your Rethink Benefits account, you can communicate more efficiently and work on the same skills.

Rethink Benefits is a global program that’s available to all Intuit employees. Enrolling in the program gives you instant access to the portal, allowing you to:

  • Easily communicate with your behavior expert. Schedule up to 12 hours per year of virtual appointments, access notes from your dedicated behavior expert, and send messages to communicate updates and ask questions.
  • Save your favorites. The online library includes thousands of step-by-step videos and downloadable, printable tools and research-based resources based on the most requested social, learning, and behavioral topics.
  • Search by age and ability. The library of more than 2,000 lessons is searchable by topic, and our social and emotional lessons allow you to search by age or ability, with support resources for parents of young children to young adults.

Common questions

How do I get started? Visit Intuit’s Rethink Benefits website and use enrollment code Intuit.


Watch this brief program overview video to learn more.

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