Legal Insurance

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ARAG UltimateAdvisor® legal insurance gives you a place to turn for help with addressing a wide range of legal matters, such as buying a home or creating a Will, as well as unexpected issues, like a dispute with a home contractor or a sudden illness.

Free Resources

Take advantage of free benefits even if you're not enrolled, including:

  • Education center resources that provide important legal information and help you identify your options and address your legal issues.
  • Personal Information organizer to help you organize critical information about bank accounts, insurance policies and more.

Benefits of Enrolling

When enrolled in coverage, your membership gives you and your eligible family members access to legal advice and representation that is 100% paid-in-full for most covered legal matters when you work with a credentialed ARAG® Network Attorney. You also have access to more than 10,000 experienced network attorneys in person and over the phone, as well as expanded online tools and resources—all for just $11.63 per paycheck.

Plus, you get identity theft protection, which tracks your credit activity or online identity and notifies you immediately of suspicious activity. This service includes:

  • Full-service identity restoration: Restore your identity with lenders, credit bureaus, the state, county courts and more.
  • Lost wallet services: Get help with canceling and replacing documents such as credit and debit cards, your driver’s license, your Social Security card, checkbooks and insurance cards.
  • Identity theft insurance: Be covered for up to $1 million for expenses associated with restoring your identity, including legal costs, loss of income and fraudulent withdrawals.

Get Started

You can enroll in the program as a new hire, during annual enrollment, or when you have a qualified family status change during the year.

For more information, visit the ARAG Legal Center and use access code: 17929int. Members can access the site using the information on their member card.

Go Mobile

To save time, money and stress when dealing with legal issues, download the ARAG Legal app through the App Store or Google Play. With the app, you can quickly find attorneys in your area, access your member ID card and contact ARAG Customer Care.