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Activity program FAQs

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Is the program taxable?

No. This program is free of charge. When you reach each level and earn credits (which are used toward rewards), you will be taxed. This credit value is grossed up so that your tax net is zero.

What will I see on my paycheque?

When you reach each level, the credit values will be reflected on your paycheque. This credit value is grossed up so that your tax net is zero.

  • Level 1: $12.50
  • Level 2: $18.75
  • Level 3: $25.00
  • Level 4: $37.50

What are the Virgin Pulse Activity program quarterly point levels?

  • You reach Level 1 by earning a total of 1,000 points (10 credits).
  • You reach Level 2 by earning a total of 5,000 points (15 credits).
  • You reach Level 3 by earning a total of 10,000 points (20 credits).
  • You reach Level 4 by earning a total of 15,000 points (30 credits).

Important note for current Virgin Pulse participants: On August 1, the Activity program will automatically reset and all participants will return to Level 0.

Do I automatically start at Level 1 when I begin the Virgin Pulse Activity program?

No. When the Virgin Pulse Activity program opens on August 1 of each fiscal year, you’ll start off with zero points. Once you complete various Virgin Pulse activities, you’ll begin to earn points. Keep in mind that you’ll still have access to unredeemed credits that you earned in the previous program year.

Where can I find the list of activities that will earn me Virgin Pulse points?

You can find a list of earning opportunities on the Rewards page of the Virgin Pulse platform.

Do my earned Virgin Pulse credits expire?

No. The Virgin Pulse credits you earn each quarter will accumulate in your Virgin Pulse account. They will not expire as long as your Virgin Pulse account remains active. Your Virgin Pulse credits remain active at the start of each new quarter and at the end of the program year.

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I’m having trouble registering on the Virgin Pulse site. Whom do I contact?

Contact Virgin Pulse Support by using their online chat feature or by emailing