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Medical benefits are provided through Sun Life Financial and provide a range of benefits to cover your health care needs—from prescription drugs (including smoking-cessation products) and immunizations/vaccines to hospital accommodations.


Regular employees working more than 20 hours per week are eligible for benefits as of your hire date. Co-ops and interns are not eligible for medical, dental, or vision benefits.

How it works

How to enroll

See how to enroll in your benefits. Note that SunLife automatically sends ID cards regardless of eligibility.

How to get started

Covered medical service Plan pays:
Ambulance services The cost of a licensed ambulance or other emergency service that transports insured person to nearest hospital.
Emergency out-of-province/country and travel assistance 100% of the covered costs above the insured’s provincial health plan coverage with no deductible. Some reductions may apply.
Hospital accommodation 100% of the difference between the cost of a ward and a semi-private room in a hospital with no deductible
Immunizations and vaccines 100% of the covered costs with no deductible
Paramedical services A combined maximum of $1,000 for all services per person, per calendar year (performed by a trained professional but not necessarily a physician). Covered services include:

Chiropodists or podiatrists
Massage therapists
Occupational therapists
Speech therapists

Note: The plan pays up to $1,000 per person, per calendar year for all paramedical services combined.

A combined maximum of $4,000 per person, per calendar year, for paramedical services provided by the following professionals:

Clinical counsellors
Marriage and family therapists
Social workers

Prescriptions 100% of the covered costs with no deductible

Mandatory generic substitution: Your pharmacist will dispense a generic version of a drug if one is available. If your doctor recommends you take the brand name, you and your doctor will need to complete the Drug Exception Form found on the Sun Life website. If you’d prefer to receive the brand version, and do not want to complete this form, you will pay the cost difference between brand and generic. Learn more about mandatory generic drugs.

Prior authorization for specialty medications: Prior authorization requires that coverage for certain drug therapies are pre-approved based on medical criteria. If a preferred drug—a drug selected by experts based on its safety, cost and efficacy—does not improve your condition, you and your doctor can submit an authorization form before you get your prescription filled to get approval for a non-preferred drug. Learn more about how prior authorization works.

Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN): You can now help reduce claim costs for specialty drugs paid for by the plan by shopping at participating pharmacies. You can also take advantage of condition management support services. Learn more about the PPN.

Gender affirmation 100% of the costs for gender transitioning, up to a benefit year maximum of $10,000 per person and a lifetime maximum of $40,000 per person.
Smoking cessation products Products that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) or a Natural Product Number (NPN), up to a lifetime maximum of $500. Must be prescribed by a doctor or dentist and obtained from a pharmacist.

Inpatriate health plan coverage

The Inpatriate Health Plan (IHP) provides temporary coverage if you move to Canada or between provinces, until provincial coverage is established. The IHP is important because it covers the components of health care that the Intuit supplemental plan does not. The provincial coverage is typically active within one to three months.

When you move, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to enroll. Please allow up to five business days for the data to pass between systems. If you don't receive this email, please reach out to HR Connect. You must also enroll in Intuit’s supplemental plan.

Common questions

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Government of British Columbia Website
Sun Life website
Preferred Pharmacy Network
Sun Life Group Benefits Booklet - Regular Employees (Quebec)
Sun Life Group Benefits Booklet - Regular Employees (Non-Quebec)

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