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Second Opinion Services

If you’re uncertain about a medical diagnosis or the appropriate treatment, Intuit provides you and your covered dependents (and also your parents and parents-in-law) with a second opinion service through Best Doctors that can help.

Best Doctors is offered as part of your Intuit benefits and is at no cost to you! There’s no appointment needed. Participation is completely voluntary and confidential.

Best Doctors is a good option when you want to:

1. Get Advice on Your Medical Condition

2. Ask the Expert

Get answers from a doctor to basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. No more wondering what steps to take or relying on Internet searches. Instead, get a personalized response for your situation from a qualified doctor.

3. Find a Best Doctor for Your Abroad

If out-of-the-country care is necessary, Best Doctors will help you access hospital and doctor discounts. (Expenses associated with medical treatment, travel and lodging are your responsibility.)

4. Find Local Resources and Support

Get access to local resources, ongoing one-on-one support, customized health coaching and health-related information through Best Doctors 360°.