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Pet Insurance

As an Intuit employee, you’re eligible for a 5% discount on your monthly pet-insurance premium through Petsecure.


Intuit employees.

How It Works

How to Enroll

Learn more about pet insurance and enroll.

How to Get Started

Benefits include:

  • Coverage of up to 80% of vet fees and associated costs for any illness or accident
  • A variety of plans to fit your needs: $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 per year, or unlimited coverage
  • No age limits on enrollment—enroll your dog before age 8 without any additional medical tests
  • No increase to your premiums based on your pet's age or the number of claims
  • Affordable deductibles
  • Coverage of important extras, such as alternative therapies, medical devices, and dental care

Common Questions

How do I enroll in pet insurance?

Where to Get Help

Pet Insurance
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