I'm Leaving Intuit

If you leave Intuit or if you transfer internationally to another Intuit location, your benefits end on your last day at Intuit India.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • You will receive an email from the HR team regarding the exit clearance formalities. Please follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Provident Fund: Complete Form 10 and Form 19 (withdrawal forms) to withdraw the funds from your Provident Fund account instead of transferring them. The process can be initiated by Intuit 60 days after your last date. The Provident Fund department will take additional time to process the same.
  • Gratuity: You are eligible to claim Gratuity if you have worked continuously for Intuit for at least four years and 190 calendar days. Submit the completed Application for Gratuity Settlement Form pertaining to the entity you belong to and the Gratuity Self Declaration Form to India HR as part of your exit/transfer formalities. Please note that the process can take up to 45 days and will be paid to to your direct salary linked account.
  • Well-being for Life Program: Submit your reimbursement request and receipts for the Well-being for Life Program by uploading them to Darwin, Your Benefits Administrator at least 10 business days before your termination date. Once you log in via single sign on, select Reimbursements. Your request must be approved before your termination date. Any pending requests are still subject to review and have the potential to be rejected.
  • EAP: Use Intuit’s Well Minds programs to help you handle life’s challenges, build resilience and ease your stress. These resources will be available to you and your family until 30 days after your last day of work.
  • Portability of Medical Insurance: Policy portability is an additional option to help exiting employees extend their medical insurance coverage after leaving Intuit. Individual members, including the family members covered under the corporate health insurance policy, can migrate from such a group policy to an individual health insurance policy or a family floater policy with the same insurer. Coverage for you and family under the group policy will end on your last day of employment with Intuit.

You can continue your coverage, along with your covered family members, per the terms and conditions of the National Insurance Company (NIC) market plan. The premiums will be applicable for the selected plan as defined for the sum insured and the age of the insured. However, NIC will extend the continuity of benefits waiting period and pre-existing coverage based on your insurance history.

It is your responsibility to contact the insurance broker 15 days before you leave to continue coverage:

Raviraj Bhat
Email: Raviraj.Bhat@willistowerswatson.com
Phone: 9900101541

Vijay Noorandmath
Email: Vijay.Noorandamath@willistowerswatson.com
Phone: 9008417101

Additional Information

If the market policy has a waiting period of four years, and if the insured is covered under the group policy for four or more years, the waiting period exclusion may be waived.

You have to avail the market policy before your last day of employment with Intuit in order to avail continuity benefits as stated above.