Superfund and Life Insurance

Super is a means of saving for your retirement that is, in part, compulsory. Super is a long-term investment in which contributions made during your employment years provide you with a source of income in retirement. Your money stays invested during this time, and lower tax rates and other government incentives can make super an attractive and beneficial way to save. The government sets limits on contributions and when you can withdraw money from super. Generally, you can’t access your money until you reach retirement age.


Full-time and part-time employees.

How It Works

How to Enroll

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How to Get Started

Intuit has nominated smartMonday by Aon (previously known as Aon Master Trust) as the default provider for your superannuation. You have the option to direct your super contributions to your existing fund or to Intuit’s nominated default fund, smartMonday PRIME.

Intuit’s superannuation includes automatic insurance cover. By choosing Intuit’s superannuation plan through smartMonday, you’ll receive extra contributions to your account from Intuit to offset the cost of the automatic insurance cover.

The following information is specific to Intuit’s superannuation plan offered through smartMonday by Aon. For additional details, review the Product Disclosure Statement.

For more information, help with registering your super account online, or help with consolidating your super, contact Ian Dudley by email or by calling 0466 745 290.


Contributions: You can make additional contributions to your superannuation outside of payroll by logging in to your super account or by contacting Ian Dudley by email or by calling 0466 745 290. However, there are limits to concessional contributions and penalties that may apply if you exceed these limits. We recommend that you seek financial advice prior to electing salary sacrifice, as it may impact your personal financial circumstances.

See how to modify your superannuation fund election.

Investment options: Aon MySuper is the default investment option. If you don’t make an investment choice, your super will be invested in Aon MySuper. You can also choose to select other investment options offered through smartMonday by Aon. For more information about what’s available and how to switch investments, see the reference guide on the smartMonday website.

Access to advice: As a smartMonday by Aon member, you have access to smartCoaches, who can provide intrafund advice (at no additional cost) about your investment mix, contributions, and insurance within the fund. Any intrafund advice is provided by or on behalf of Aon. To learn more, visit the smartMonday website, call 1300 262 241, or email smartMonday.

Life Insurance and Disability

As an added benefit of participating in Intuit’s default superfund with smartMonday, you’re also provided with life insurance and total permanent disability (TPD). When you direct your contributions to this fund, your coverage pays a benefit to your beneficiary/beneficiaries in the event of your death or TPD. The benefit is the greater of four times your annual salary or the minimum default level of cover as per the product disclosure statement.

The cost of insurance and TPD is reimbursed to your account each month.

You must name one or more beneficiaries for your life and disability insurance. If you die while covered by the plan, the beneficiaries you name will receive payment from the plan. You are the beneficiary of disability and accident (not resulting in your death) insurance benefits. Learn about how to name or change beneficiaries.


WeCare is a phone- and email-based support service that offers emotional support, life assistance, and practical help that you and your immediate family members might require in a time of need. These services include:

  • Counselling and grief support: WeCare qualified counsellors can help you identify, explore, and manage issues that might impact your life whilst offering coping strategies to help you get through this difficult time.
  • Legal/tax assistance: Qualified lawyers give advice on your circumstances and the safeguards you might need to protect yourself and your family for future events.
  • Home assistance: Practical help in sourcing a range of around-the-house services in the event that you have a disability or serious illness. These might include gardening, cleaning, building services, or child minding.
  • Funeral assistance: Get help with all the arrangements necessary to plan a funeral.

Call WeCare at 1800 828 736 and mention you’re a member, or related to a member, of smartMonday.

Common Questions

Learn do I enroll in superannuation?
How do I change my superannuation contributions?

How do I change my superannuation fund investments? See the reference guide on the smartMonday website.


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