Supporting your path to parenthood

On-demand support for planning, starting, and raising a family

The path to parenthood can look different for different people. Maven, an on-demand family planning program, offers a holistic approach that’s personalised for your journey. From preconception and fertility to pregnancy, parental leave, and return to work, you and your spouse or partner have unlimited access to the world’s largest virtual clinic. Maven’s pioneering model features a wide range of family planning, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and paediatric specialists. And you and your partner have 24/7 access to them when you’re enrolled in an Intuit medical plan.


Regular employees and their spouse or domestic partner.

How it works

With Maven, you have unlimited access to:

  • On-demand access through video chat and messaging to over 30+ specialties of women’s and family health providers including fertility specialists, mental health providers, OB-GYNs, nurse practitioners, midwives, doulas, prenatal nutritionists, physical therapists, developmental psychologists, paediatricians, sleep coaches, parenting experts, and career coaches.
  • Your own care advocate, who provides personalised, one-on-one support to help answer questions about your benefits, connects you to the right Maven providers based on your needs, and provides referrals as needed for in-person care.
  • Holistic fertility support, including help finding clinics, mental health support, and prescription drug discounts.
  • Trustworthy content tailored to you, with topics including prenatal health, postpartum depression, and returning to work.
  • A library of live, provider-led classes, which include Fertility 101, introduction to breastfeeding, prenatal yoga, infant CPR, and many more.
  • Holistic postpartum support, including approach to postpartum recovery, return-to-work coaches, and specialised mental health providers.

Maven enriches and extends your existing provider relationships. Have an OB-GYN or fertility specialist you love? Great! You can continue to see your chosen providers and get guidance and second opinions from Maven providers. Maven also extends your support network by offering access to infant sleep coaches, fertility awareness educators, and parenting and career coaches. Your care advocate can also help you find in-person providers within your health plan.

Support at every stage

Preconception and fertility

  • Fertility doctors
  • Clinic navigation
  • IVF, IUI, and egg freezing support
  • Fertility awareness educators
  • Adoption and surrogacy* support

Pregnancy and postpartum

  • Midwives, OB-GYNs, and doulas
  • Birth planning
  • Loss support
  • Paediatric sleep coaches
  • Lactation consultants

Early paediatrics and return-to-work

  • Parent and career coaching
  • Childcare navigation
  • Community support
  • Parenting classes

Although there is no cost to you, Maven services are considered taxable. Intuit will increase your pay to cover the taxes. You’ll see both the taxes for the benefit received and Intuit’s “gross-up” on your payslip. 

* Where allowed by law.

How to get started

Register with Maven online or download the Maven Clinic app from Google Play or the App Store.

Once you create your account, you’ll be matched with a personal care advocate who will connect you with providers, answer your questions, and direct you to customised resources.


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Where to get help

Register with Maven online

HR Connect
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Start a live chat or open an HR Connect case

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