What's New for FY 2020

Be your best you with the help of Intuit benefits!

There are a few changes to our plans and programs for FY 2020. Refer to the FY 2020 Summary of Benefits for a more detailed look at important plan features and covered services.

Cigna Choice Fund with HSA Changes

Intuit’s HSA Contribution Remains the Same

During last year’s annual enrollment, we communicated that Intuit would begin a multi-year process of gradually decreasing Intuit’s contribution to your Health Savings Account (HSA), starting in FY 2020. This decision has been put on hold, and we will continue to fund your HSA as we’ve done in prior years:

  Annual Salary Under $80,000 Annual Salary of $80,000 or More
Individual Coverage $1,000 from Intuit $750 from Intuit
Family Coverage $2,000 from Intuit $1,500 from Intuit

New HSA Administrator

If you’re currently enrolled in the Cigna Choice Fund with HSA medical plan, it’s important for you to know that our HSA administrator will be switching from ConnectYourCare to HealthEquity. This change will provide several benefits to both employees and Intuit, including a simpler administrative process, reduced costs and better investment options for those who invest their account balances.

Action Needed

Here’s the easiest, no-cost way to move your account balance: Provide your consent to transfer your HSA balance to HealthEquity when you make your annual enrollment elections in the Alight system. When you transfer your account balance this way, Intuit will pick up all associated costs.

Note: Even if you don’t plan on making any changes to your benefits for FY 2020, you’ll need to go into the Alight system to authorize the transfer of your account balance and into your ConnectYourCare account to liquidate your investments.

If you don’t take action to move your account and liquidate your investments during annual enrollment, you’ll be able to transfer it to HealthEquity at a later date, but you’ll be responsible for all associated fees: a monthly $5.50 administrative fee (until you transfer your account) and a $25 account-transfer fee.

Mark Your Calendar

Keep these key dates in mind:

June 12 HSA Basics webinar (recording)
June 19 Maximize Your HSA webinar (recording)
July 24 Maximizing Your Earning Potential Through Investing webinar
Late July HealthEquity welcome kits—containing your new debit card—mailed to homes
August 2 Full amount of Intuit’s FY 2020 HSA contribution deposited into your HealthEquity account
August 8 Deadline to liquidate your ConnectYourCare investments
August 16 ConnectYourCare debit cards turned off
August 16–September 3 ConnectYourCare account balances transferred to HealthEquity; your funds not available during this period
September 4 All ConnectYourCare transfers made to HealthEquity (conversion complete)

Deductible and Out-of-Pocket Max Increase for Out-of-Network Providers

When you use in-network services, both you and Intuit benefit from discounted pricing. That’s the main reason we’re increasing the out-of-network deductible and out-of-pocket maximum for the Cigna Choice Fund with HSA plan. In-network amounts will not change.

  FY 2019 FY 2020
Deductible In- and Out-of-Network:
$1,350 individual
$2,700 family

$1,350 individual
$2,700 family

$2,500 individual
$5,000 family

Out-of-Pocket Maximum In- and Out-of-Network:
$2,600 individual
$5,200 family

$2,600 individual
$5,200 family

$5,000 individual
$10,000 family

Medical Cost Increases

Intuit’s cost-sharing principle remains in place: We pay 95% of the premium for employees and 85% for dependents. Although you’re continuing to use our well-being programs to stay actively engaged in your personal wellness, health care and pharmaceutical innovations have led to rising costs. As a result, premiums for the Cigna, UnitedHealthcare and Northern California Kaiser plans are increasing slightly for FY 2020.

Your premium increase will depend on your plan and coverage tier. As in prior years, when you participate in the biometric screening and are nicotine-free, your premiums will be lower. To learn more about your premiums, see the Biweekly Paycheck Deduction section of the FY 2020 Summary of Benefits

Your premiums for dental and vision coverage will not be increasing for FY 2020.

Prescription Out-of-Pocket Max Decrease for Cigna and UHC Network Plans

For the Cigna Managed Network Plan and the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Network Plan, the out-of-pocket maximum for prescription drugs will decrease from $4,600 to $4,100 for employee-only coverage and from $7,200 to $6,200 if you cover dependents.

In-Network-Only Acupuncture Services Covered by UHC Plan

Because the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Network Plan is an in-network-only plan, out-of-network acupuncture services will no longer be covered. Intuit was an early adopter of covering acupuncture services at a time when there were very few in-network providers. Over the years, the network has grown significantly, so there’s now a greater number of in-network providers to choose from. If you’re currently a UHC member and you have a preferred out-of-network provider, you may want to consider finding an in-network provider or switching to the Cigna Choice Fund with HSA plan.

New Clinical Care Services Under Cigna Plans

To help ensure that all your health care needs are being met, we’ll be adding the following clinical care management programs to the services covered under the Cigna plans:

  • Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies®: Keep yourself and your baby healthy during your pregnancy and in the days and weeks after your baby’s birth. Get support from a pregnancy coach; get a pregnancy journal with helpful information, charts and tools; and access a Health Information Line at any time of day.
  • Cancer Support Program: If you or one of your dependents receives a cancer diagnosis, you’ll be contacted by a nurse who can help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options, answer your questions, coordinate your care, understand your health plan coverage and much more. Your participation in the program is voluntary.

New Clinical Care Services Under UHC Network Plan

These clinical care management programs will be added to the services covered under the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Network Plan:

  • Fertility Solutions: Work with a fertility nurse to get information about infertility causes and treatment options; find doctors, clinics and facilities that are right for you; and navigate the health care system.
  • Orthopedic Health Support: If you’re suffering from pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee, call a nurse who can help you understand treatment options, costs and your benefits; manage your pain; access high-quality providers; prepare for surgery and plan for recovery.

Adult Dependents Eligible for Intuit’s Private Health Center

If you’re in the Bay Area, you have access to Crossover Health, a group of private health centers that Intuit shares with other Silicon Valley companies. You can visit any of these five centers conveniently located throughout the area: Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Mountain View and San Jose.

To give your family more options for accessing high-quality, convenient health care, your covered adult dependents will now be eligible to experience the concierge-style services offered through Crossover Health Center. To register for an Intuit-provided membership, visit go.crossoverhealth.com.

Nevada Employees in Aetna PPO Dental Plan: Higher Costs for Out-of-Network Providers

If you’re an Intuit employee in Nevada who’s enrolled in the Aetna PPO Dental Plan, you’ll continue to have in- and out-of-network coverage. But if you use an out-of-network provider, you’ll pay more for services. To save on your dental costs, visit the Aetna website to find an in-network provider in your area. This change will align Nevada employees with all other Intuit employees in the U.S.

Legal Insurance: New Covered Services and Family Package

Along with the many legal matters that ARAG UltimateAdvisor® legal insurance can help you with—rental disputes, home purchases, will and trust preparation, identity theft—you’ll now be able to get assistance with issues related to immigration, child custody and child support arrangements, and post-decree modifications. Even better, when you’re enrolled in ARAG, your eligible family members will now have access to all their services—for just $11.63 per paycheck.

No Cap for Sick-Time Accrual Across All U.S.

To create a consistent sick-time policy for all U.S. employees, we’ll eliminate the accrual cap that has applied to employees outside of California and Washington. All U.S. employees will continue to accrue sick time at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked, with no limit on the number of hours you can accrue. You’ll still be able to carry over any unused hours.

Updated Vacation-Accrual Rates

The maximum amount of vacation time that you can accrue is based on your years of service with Intuit. To give you more time to rest, relax and recover from illness, we’ve increased the accrual rates for most employees. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the previous and current accrual rates:

Pre-FY 2020 vacation-accrual rates FY 2020 vacation-accrual rates
Start date through day before fifth anniversary: You earn 120 hours, or 3 weeks, per year (4.62 hours per pay period), up to 240 hours Start date through day before second anniversary: You earn 120 hours, or 3 weeks, per year (4.62 hours per pay period), up to 240 hours
Second anniversary through day before fifth anniversary: You earn 160 hours, or 4 weeks, per year (6.154 hours per pay period), up to 320 hours
Fifth anniversary through day before 15th anniversary: You earn 160 hours, or 4 weeks, per year (6.154 hours per pay period), up to 320 hours Fifth anniversary through day before 15th anniversary: You earn 200 hours, or 5 weeks, per year (7.69 hours per pay period), up to 320 hours
15th anniversary and beyond: You earn one extra day per year of service to a maximum of five weeks, up to 320 hours 15th anniversary and beyond: You earn 240 hours, or 6 weeks, per year (9.23 hours per pay period), up to 320 hours

Family Support Time Process Change

To help you manage family situations, we offer you four weeks of paid time away so you can provide care and support for a qualified family member. Effective August 1, Family Support Time no longer runs concurrently with Family Medical leave, which means that you no longer need to contact Zurich to request this time off. You can now enter your request directly in Workday.

Increase Your Optional Life Insurance by Two Levels Without EOI

You’ll be able to increase your optional life insurance by two levels without providing evidence of insurability (EOI). Amounts of six times your base salary and above, or above $1 million, will still require EOI. The $2 million (combined with basic life) maximum still applies.