Your NEW New Year’s Checklist

man climbing mountain

We all know how tempting it can be to make lots of lofty resolutions on January 1—and how easy it can be to toss them aside by January 31. But there’s no sense in crying over spilled protein shakes. Why not replace those unrealistic resolutions? With the help of Intuit benefits, you can set goals that can be both life-altering and attainable.

checkmarkFocus on Your Fueling Habits.

Ready for a healthier you? Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or gain some nutritional knowledge—or both—Retrofit can help. When you register with Retrofit, you’ll be automatically placed in a program that helps you in one of these two areas. Retrofit Weight Management can help you lose weight through one-on-one coaching, a smart app and other useful resources, while Retrofit Nutrition is a personalized program that improves your nutritional IQ and self-efficacy. 

checkmarkDitch the Cigs.

There’s no better way to instantly improve your health than to stop smoking. The QuitSmart® Mindfully program uses proven mindfulness techniques to help you kick your tobacco or nicotine habit. QuitSmart is taught live in an online virtual classroom and consists of 12 classes. Plus, many prescriptions to help you quit smoking are covered at 100% by Intuit's medical plans.

checkmarkTake the Lead.

This could be the year for you to move toward a leadership role—or become an even more effective leader. Whil’s on-demand Search Inside YourselfTM mindfulness program can help you sharpen your skills in the areas of self-awareness, empathy, communication and leadership. Search Inside Yourself was developed inside Google and is a globally recognized program.

checkmarkTake a Small Step Toward Saving.

Rely on Intuit’s well-being resources to start improving your financial outlook. The ALEX® Financial Wellness tool and Mint are two great tools that you can access today to set a reasonable budget and more easily manage your finances. Or sign up for a Financial Knowledge webinar. Of the handful of sessions offered each month, you’re sure to find one that makes “cents” for you.