The information on this page is for regular employees. If you’re a SelectTime or Seasonal employee, visit the Benefits site for you.

Life insurance FAQs

Will I need to answer medical questions to change my coverage amount?

You can enroll in optional life insurance between 1 and 7 times your annual salary. Every year you can increase your coverage to the next level without answering any medical questions or getting a physical. To make larger increases, you’ll need to provide evidence of insurability (proof of good health).

Where can I get an evidence of insurability (EOI) form?

When enrolling in your benefits at Alight, you’ll automatically be directed to the EOI form if the amount you elect requires evidence of insurability.

Is evidence of insurability needed for my spouse/domestic partner?

You can purchase coverage ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. After your new hire elections, you can increase your spouse’s/partner’s coverage by one level each year, up to $250,000. Any coverage above $150,000 requires evidence of insurability.

Can I enroll my spouse/domestic partner or child in optional life insurance if he/she is also an Intuit employee?

No. If your spouse/domestic partner or child is also a regular, full-time Intuit employee working 20 or more hours per week, he/she cannot be covered as a dependent under your optional life insurance (all Intuit employees receive coverage of two times their base salary). Only one employee may cover a dependent child.