Biometric Screening FAQs



Why can’t I sign up for a screening?

  • Are you a new hire?
    You’ll need to wait 10 days after you enroll in benefits to appear in the eHealthScreenings system to register. If you were hired on or after May 1, you do not need to complete the health screening.
  • Are you a spouse/domestic partner or asking about a spouse/domestic partner?
    Are they currently covered under an Intuit medical plan? If no, you need to add your spouse/domestic partner to the Alight system as a dependent. Contact Alight at 1-866-468-8236 to get started. It will take up to 10 days for them to appear in the eHealthScreenings system after adding them as a dependent.

When will I receive the credits?

New or updated credits on your medical premiums are reflected in each paycheck starting each new fiscal year (August).

How will Intuit know I’m nicotine-free?

The biometric screening does not test you for nicotine use.

If you’re currently receiving the nicotine-free credit, your status will be recorded in the Alight system and you’ll continue to receive the credit next year. You’ll need to confirm your credit status during annual enrollment in June. No further action is needed from you.

If you’re currently not receiving the credit but have since quit using products containing nicotine (i.e., cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.), you’ll be able to attest to being nicotine-free in the Alight system during annual enrollment in June.

If you’re currently using nicotine-based products and are ready to quit, Intuit has resources to help.

Do I have to meet any healthy target(s) to receive credits?

Our data has shown that getting a screening— rather than receiving credits for meeting healthy ranges—is what motivates you to take steps to improve your health. It’s up to you to share your screening results with your doctor and determine the best next steps for you.

Where do I register for a screening?

You register for a screening online through the eHealthScreenings website:

  • Employees: Through SSO at
  • Spouses/domestic partners: Go to
    Spouses/domestic partners will need to register first and enter screening code NTU04.
    • Once registered, your user name will be your first initial + last initial + date of birth (MMDDYYYY). For example: If your name is John Smith, and your date of birth is April 23, 1975, your user name is JS04231975. The user name is case-sensitive.
    • Your password will be your last name + last four digits of your Social Security number. For example: If your name is John Smith, and your Social Security number is 123456789, your password is Smith6789. The password is case-sensitive. Note: If you do not have a Social Security number, enter your last name + 1111. If you have problems registering, call eHealthScreenings Customer Care at 1-888-708-8807 x1.

There are several ways to complete a screening:

  • At on onsite event
  • With your physician
  • By visiting a LabCorp facility (You will need to register on the eHealthScreenings website prior to scheduling an appointment.)
  • By visiting a Crossover Health Center, if you’re in the Bay Area (You will need to register on the eHealthScreenings website and choose the physician option.)

You must complete the screening by May 31.


Why is my user name/password not working?

User names and passwords are case-sensitive.

When signing in with your user name, the first initial in your first and last name will be capitalized. User names consist of first initial + last initial + date of birth. For example: If your name is John Smith and your birthdate is April 23, 1975, your user name will be JS04231975.

When entering your password, remember that passwords consist of your last name + last four digits of your Social Security number. For example: If your name is John Smith and your Social Security number is 123-45-6789, your password will be Smith6789.

Why is my last name not working as my password?

If you have two last names with or without a hyphen, your password will consist of only the first part of your last name. For example: If John Smith-Lake’s Social Security number is 123-45-6789, his password would be Smith6789.

If you continue having issues signing in, contact eHealthScreenings at 1-888-708-8807.

What if my name is incorrect in the eHealthScreenings system?

The name loaded into the eHealthScreenings system originates from Workday. You will need to update it in Workday. It will feed over to the eHealthScreenings system within 10 business days.

If you’ve already scheduled an appointment to take your biometric screening, or if you’ve completed your biometric screening prior to changing your name in Workday, contact eHealthScreenings to let them know that you’ll need your information merged with the new name.

If you haven’t scheduled an appointment to take your biometric screening, and you haven’t completed your biometric screening prior to changing your name in Workday, there’s no need to reach out to eHealthScreenings to inform them of your name change.

Where do I find a physician or pregnancy waiver form?

There is no physician waiver form for waiving measures for meeting healthy target ranges. You receive credits for participating.

If you’re pregnant, you’ll confirm this on the eHealthScreenings site when you access the site the first time. Once you’ve confirmed this, you are done.

If you become pregnant after registering on the site, but before your screening, log in to the eHealthScreenings website and cancel your scheduled appointment. You’ll need to log out and then log back in. When you log back in, you’ll be asked to complete the pregnancy questionnaire. If you have questions, contact eHealthScreenings by calling 1-888-708-8807 or emailing [email protected].

Why can I not find the onsite scheduler for my location?

Each onsite scheduler closes down once an onsite event has filled up or five days prior to the onsite event. If you’re no longer able to see the scheduler for a particular date/location, it’s because the scheduler has closed. Be sure to choose a different date for your preferred location. If another date is not available, go to your physician or a LabCorp facility.

If I miss the May 31 deadline, when is my next chance to be screened?

Screenings are held once a year, so your next opportunity to participate will begin in January. Credits earned through your screening are effective as of the new fiscal year (August).


Do I need to get a biometric screening to be eligible for Intuit’s medical plan coverage?

Participation in the biometric screening is completely voluntary. If you choose not to participate, you’ll still have access to Intuit’s medical plan coverage. You'll just pay more.

Does my spouse/domestic partner need to participate if he/she is not covered by my Intuit medical plan and I do not plan to cover him/her next year?

No. He/she only needs to participate to receive credits if you plan to cover him/her during the next plan year.

Does my spouse/domestic partner need to participate if he/she is not covered by my Intuit medical plan and I do plan to cover him/her next year?

Yes. If your spouse/domestic partner is not currently on your Intuit medical plan and you plan to enroll him/her during annual enrollment, he/she will need to complete a biometric screening in order to receive credits.

Do children have to get a screening?

No. The program is only for employees and covered spouses/domestic partners. Children are not eligible to participate. All preventive care is provided, at no cost, to you and your covered dependents through your medical plan.


How will I receive my results?

If you completed your screening at an onsite location, you should receive your “Results Ready” email within 3–5 days of your screening.

If you completed your biometric screening at your physician’s office, you’ll be able to review the results online through the eHealthScreenings website within 3–5 days.

If you received your screening onsite or at a LabCorp lab, your results will be available online within 3–5 days after your screening.

To view your results, go to the eHealthScreenings website and then click “View Results.” Spouses'/domestic partners' results are also available online through the eHealthScreening website.

What should I do with the results? What if my results aren't in the normal range?

We encourage you to share your results with your physician, so you can have an in-depth discussion about your health. If your results are outside the healthy ranges, it's even more important for you to schedule an office visit with your physician or health professional.

Your physician has a more complete picture of your overall health. He or she can better interpret your results and create a plan for reducing any risks that are identified. You can send your health screening results directly to your physician from the eHealthScreenings website. Within “View Results,” click “Print Reports” at the top of the page. Click the “Send A Doc” button and follow the instructions as prompted.

Your results will not impact the credits you receive, as you’ll receive full biometric screening credits simply for participating in the screening.

Are my results confidential?

Yes. All information in the screening and the laboratory report is personal and confidential, as required by federal law. Only aggregate data will be shared with Intuit.

Will my results become part of my medical record?

No, unless you receive the screening through your physician.

Will Intuit see my results?

No. Intuit does not receive your biometric screening results. eHealthScreenings administers this program to protect the privacy of employees and spouses/domestic partners. eHealthScreenings will manage the biometric screening and notify you via email when you are able to review the results online.

eHealthScreenings sends your eligibility for the credit to Alight and transmits data to your medical plan. Your medical plan may follow up with you about health coaching.

eHealthScreenings also sends your results to Virgin Pulse to get recommendations for Intuit programs that can help you reach your overall wellness goals, based on your results and the interests you’ve selected.

Intuit receives only aggregate non-personally identifiable data, which we use to improve our programs and allocate resources. We don’t receive information that could be linked to, or used to identify, an individual participant.

Why does Intuit use the biometric screenings?

Intuit wants you to play an active role in achieving a healthier lifestyle and using your benefits wisely. Your biometric screening results will provide you with important information about your overall health and your potential risk for serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. When you know your numbers and understand what they mean, you can take steps to improve your health and lower your chances of developing serious issues down the road.


Why did LabCorp take my waist circumference?

LabCorp includes waist measurement in their biometric screening measures. This measurement is completely voluntary for Intuit employees and spouses.

Where can I find my previous biometric screening information?

Your previous biometric screening information is stored on the eHealthScreenings website under the Results tab. To review your information, log in to your eHealthScreenings account.

Who do I contact with questions?

Call Alight at 1-866-468-8236 if you have questions related to enrollment or adding dependents to your account.

Call Accolade at 1-888-659-8305 if you have questions related to your benefits.

Call eHealthScreenings at 1-888-708-8807 if you have questions related to:

  • Registering for a screening option
  • Signing up for a screening
  • Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment
  • Receiving a lab order form for a physician screening after registering
  • Receipts for physician screening paperwork
  • Accessing results

Call Virgin Pulse at 1-888-671-9395 if you have questions related to the Well-being Hub or Activity Program.

What if I want to see more than just last year’s biometric screening information?

If you want to access your biometric screening information for results prior to 2018, you’ll need to contact the Quest Diagnostics Service Center at 1-855-623-9355 and ask for a paper copy of your results for that year to be sent to you.