Weight Loss Programs


Retrofit offers two programs to help you achieve your goals and live the life you love. Retrofit Sustain is a 12-month weight-management program for those with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or higher. It can help you lose weight and keep it off. Retrofit Healthy Living can help you maintain your healthy weight. Retrofit is available to you, your covered spouse/domestic partner and your children ages 18–26.

Retrofit Sustain gives you:

  • Your own personal coach for seven one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Weekly online classes about nutrition, exercise and mindset
  • Intuit’s online community to support you on your journey
  • A smart app and dashboard
  • A Bluetooth capable scale and Fitbit that will be mailed to your home upon enrollment 

The Retrofit Healthy Living app allows you to:

  • Learn about and apply Retrofit’s core lessons to your daily life
  • Attend online classes about nutrition, exercise and mindset
  • Receive personalized tips and exercise videos

How Retrofit is Different

  • Built and supported by the best: It’s an evidence-based approach built by the industry’s best and delivered by master-level experts.
  • An experience like no other: Today’s technologies, data insights and one-on-one personalization meet you where you are and evolve with you.
  • Healthier living your way, every day: Robust goal setting and a smart, dynamic platform help you establish healthier behaviors.

Sign Up Today

To sign up with Retrofit, go to the Retrofit site. You'll be asked to enter your employee ID and then be directed to a signup page.

Kurbo for Kids

To further support your family needs, Kurbo offers a fitness and nutrition program for kids ages 5–17 that’s based on the principles of Stanford’s weight-control program.

Kurbo offers:

  • Family-friendly coaching – One-on-one coaching support via phone, video chat and text helps your kids stay on track.
  • Mobile app – Kurbo’s food and fitness tracker, games and challenges designed for kids make getting healthy fun.
  • Virtual feedback – Based on what your kids track in the app, Kurbo will suggest other healthy foods and activities they might enjoy.

Sign Up Today

To sign up your child with Kurbo, go to the Kurbo site and click Get Started.

Weight Balance for Life Program

Offering a uniquely holistic approach to losing weight, eMindful’s Weight Balance for Life program factors in your overall emotional state, motivational level and knowledge of nutrition and exercise to create a highly personalized regimen. You use diet and exercise to lose weight, but more importantly, you gain the tools and skills needed to maintain that success.