You’re not just protected when you’re traveling for work. We can also assist you when you and your family are away on vacation. Lost baggage? Passport problems? Medical emergency? Whatever the issue, our support services are always here to help.

Travel Assist® Services

Travel Assist® Services is a comprehensive travel assistance program offering benefits and services when you travel for business—and when you extend your business trip for personal travel for up to five days—100 miles or more from your residence. Services include:

  • Medical Assistance—emergency medical referrals, medical monitoring, hospital admissions, prescription assistance, visits to the hospital by family or friends
  • Information Assistance—passport and visa information, weather, culture and currency exchange, travel advisories, inoculation and immunization, contact details for embassies and consulates
  • Legal Assistance—legal referrals and advancement of bail
  • Personal Assistance—lost baggage service, translation and interpretation, emergency messaging, lost document replacement, return of vehicle
  • Security Assistance—travel advisories, help preparing for an emergency evacuation

Costs associated with certain services may be subject to limitations. Family members traveling alone (without the employee) are not eligible for this program. Learn more about these services.

Access the Travel Assistance Plan by calling 1-800-263-0261 from the U.S. or Canada. You can call collect from anywhere else in the world: 1-416-977-0277. Reference Intuit Inc., policy number GTU 4380727. Or, log in to the Travel Assist website.