Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is an assisted program proposed for employees/dependents who require lifestyle support from certified wellness coaches. Employees in this program will be provided with wellness advice and support throughout the year. Wellness coaches include general physicians focusing on preventive care and general medicine, dieticians with a specific focus on diet and nutrition, physiotherapists with a focus on ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders and mental health counselors.

  1. Please visit the “Preventive Health Care” tab on the Medi Assist portal and click on Wellness Coaching based on your requirement.
  2. You are eligible for one wellness coaching session per quarter for yourself and one for each of your dependents, free of cost. If you require additional sessions, you can pay for the same via the portal and avail the benefit.
  3. It is advisable that you finish your annual health checkup prior to booking your wellness coaching. This will enable you to share your health checkup report with your wellness coach in advance.

If You Need Help

  • For assistance with your appointment, please call Medi Assist at 1-860-425-2662.
  • For questions related to the wellness coaching program, you can contact HRConnect.