Elderly Care Services–Maya Program

We all want to give our loved ones every luxury they deserve, the most important being health care.

Through Medi Assist, all full-time employees can take advantage of Maya, a comprehensive care program for elderly dependents who need extra support.

Maya offers three packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum, based on the level of services you need for your senior relatives. You can select a package and make the payment through the Medi Assist payment gateway. Maya services are currently available across Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai only.

How Maya Works

  1. Register with Maya.

    Visit the Medi Assist integrated web portal and click on Maya. Register your senior relatives for Maya and a Medi Assist representative will help you understand the various programs in detail. Note that you have the flexibility to register any senior relative of your choice.

  2. Get a free consultation with a doctor.

    The program begins with a free consultation with a physician, who assesses the current health condition of your relative and offers suggestions for care.

  3. Select a program.

    Based on the doctor’s recommendations and the level of personalization you want, you can select a Maya plan that best suits your loved one.

  4. Get a comprehensive health screening.

    Registered seniors undergo a comprehensive health screening at a conveniently located network medical center. You get full access to the medical reports in digital format.

  5. Access year-long care.

    Maya offers a year-round calendar of care that includes home health care, regular check-ups with specialists and doctor/counselor calls.

  6. Get an annual review.

    In the 12th month, a physician assesses your relative and provides a progress report.

Maya Features

  1. Home health care

    Maya beneficiaries enjoy the privilege of having doctors, physiotherapists, counselors and nurses visit them at home to review their health and progress throughout the year. Maya also enables home sample collection for labs.

  2. Annual health screening

    Maya offers an extensive set of lab work, along with physician consultations, to identify the specific health care needs of your family member. A Maya representative delivers the reports to your residence.

  3. Discounts on diagnostics

    Through our vast network of medical centres, Maya provides your loved ones with significant discounts on labs and diagnostics.

  4. On-call doctors, dieticians and life coaches

    Help is always just a phone call away. Just request a call with a doctor, dietician or life coach, and a professional will be available to speak with your loved one.

  5. Emergency directory services

    Maya beneficiaries receive an emergency directory that contains important helpline numbers that they can call in case of emergencies.

  6. Concierge services

    Depending on the program you choose, you can have a Maya representative schedule appointments, make travel arrangements and even escort your senior relative to a medical centre.

Maya Packages

Silver Package (INR 14,400 p.a)

Service Coverage
Initial health screening 16 tests
Follow-up screening N/A
Life coach 2 calls
Physiotherapist 1 visit
Nurse 3 visits
Physician 1 visit, 2 calls
Sample collection (home) N/A
Ophthalmologist consultation N/A
Dental consultation N/A
ENT consultation N/A
Dietician 2 calls
Escort N/A
Relationship manager N/A

Gold Package (INR 22,000 p.a)

Service Coverage
Initial health screening 26 tests
Follow-up screening 2 times
Life coach 1 visit, 4 calls
Physiotherapist 2 visits
Nurse 3 visits
Physician 2 visits, 4 calls
Sample collection (home) Applicable
Ophthalmologist consultation 1 time
Dental consultation N/A
ENT consultation N/A
Dietician 4 calls
Escort N/A
Relationship manager Applicable

Platinum Package (INR 32,000 p.a)

Service Coverage
Initial health screening 33 tests
Follow-up screening 4 times
Life coach 1 visit, 6 calls
Physiotherapist 4 visits
Nurse 4 visits
Physician 4 visits, 6 calls
Sample collection (home) Applicable
Ophthalmologist consultation 1 time
Dental consultation 1 time
ENT consultation 1 time
Dietician 6 calls
Escort Applicable
Relationship manager Applicable

If You Need Help

  • For questions related to Maya services, reach out to the Medi Assist helpdesk at 080-46855372.
  • For program details, contact HR Connect.