National Pension System (NPS)

National Pension System is a voluntary defined contribution scheme with attractive tax benefits to support retirement savings in India. As per the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), National Pension System is applicable only to Indian nationals. Attractive features of the Plan include:

  • High portability and flexibility
  • Attractive tax benefits (for Tier 1 contributions and withdrawals) 
  • Flexibility of fund managers and exposure to market returns

You will have 10 calendar days from your date of joining to enroll in National Pension System (NPS). If you miss the window, you will be able to enroll in NPS during the 10-day annual enrollment period in April. The contribution towards NPS shall be effective on your date of enrollment. Once you register for an NPS account, Intuit will contribute 4.5% of your fixed pay toward the Tier 1 account. Employee contributions are voluntary; however, the NPS program is designed for you to take an active role in building a stronger financial future.

Voluntary National Pension System (VNPS)

In addition to Intuit’s contribution, you can also make an additional voluntary contribution to your National Pension System account.

You can enroll in the Voluntary National Pension System (VNPS) by updating the contributions on Darwin, Your Benefits Administrator. The window to enroll in, or to edit or stop the monthly contributions to, the VNPS is the 1st through the 15th of every month. The deductions will be made through monthly payroll.

To contribute, you will need to have an active Tier 1 NPS Account with HDFC, Intuit's consultant for this scheme. If you do not have an account, or would like to migrate an existing account, please contact HDFC. HDFC will also facilitate the setup and contribution to a Tier 2 NPS Account.

NPS Consultants

If you have questions about the NPS process, contact an HDFC consultant.

S.No Name Contact Details
1 Ashiwini / Mitali (Mail / Query desk) Email:
2 Mandar Gokhale (level 1) Email:
3 Vishakha Satam (level 2) Email:
4 Dharmendra Rathod (level 3) Email:
5 Anand Tapadia / Ashish Rathore (level 4) Email: /
6 Chethan Nayampally (level 5) Email: