If You Need Time Off

Paid Leave

Based on Karnataka Government’s recent guidance, Intuit will provide 28 days of paid leave (excluding holidays/weekends) to any India employee/intern who tests positive for COVID-19. If you test positive, please contact the HR Connect Team and provide a copy of your test results so they can enter this time off in Workday. This leave will be beyond your Privilege, Sick and Casual Leave.

Sick Time / Supplemental Sick Time

You can always take sick time to focus on your physical or mental health. Due to COVID-19, Intuit is providing a one-time grant of two weeks (10 days) of paid supplemental sick time. This time off option will expire July 31, 2021. You can use this time off when you’re ill or injured or need a medical diagnosis, care (including preventive care, like getting a COVID-19 vaccine) or treatment. Once you’ve used your supplemental sick time, you can use your regular sick time.

Visit Intuit’s microsite to learn about taking time off as per the terms and conditions in the Supplemental Sick Time Off (Global) policy.

Family Support Time

Intuit provides four weeks of paid time away per fiscal year that you can use to care for an ill, injured or elderly family member (spouse/domestic partner, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law or sibling).

Due to COVID-19, you can also use family support time for child care for dependents under 18. This includes if your child care provider, schools or camps are closed, or if your child is sick or needs other care such as school support or supervision. This option will expire July 31, 2021.