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COVID-19 at-home tests

Intuit cares about your and your family’s health and safety, especially during this challenging period. To make it as easy as possible for you to keep a supply of tests on hand, we’re providing information about how to access free COVID-19 tests. We’ll be updating this page as we receive more information, so keep checking back.

Federal Government

Starting January 19, every home in the U.S. is eligible to order free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 rapid antigen tests. Medical necessity not required.

Limits and cost

Limit: Four rapid antigen tests per residential address
Cost: $0 (includes shipping costs)


  1. Place your order for free at-home COVID-19 tests via USPS. Limit of two orders per residential address (each order includes four individual rapid antigen tests for a total of eight tests).
  2. Orders will ship for free starting in late January. Allow for a shipping time of 7–12 days.


LabCorp PCR testing

LabCorp at-home test kits are covered under Intuit Cigna and UHC medical plans. Be sure to include your insurance info when you order the kit.

PCR kits are available for $0 upfront cost to those who complete a short survey and meet the clinical guidelines for COVID-19 testing.


COVID-19 testing is available to individuals age 2 and older. Order your kit via LabCorp. Be sure to include your insurance info when you order the kit.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser members can get reimbursed for FDA-approved rapid antigen home tests. Medical necessity not required.

Limits and cost

Limit: Up to eight rapid antigen tests per member per month (30 days).
Cost: $0 


Supply is limited. Kaiser is working to get tests and make them available through a number of outlets, including mail-order. In the interim, you can purchase rapid antigen home test kits at local drugstores or online and  submit a reimbursement claim.


Crossover Health Center

COVID-19 resources through Crossover Health are available to Intuit Mountain View/Bay Area employees (and their dependents over 18) enrolled in the Cigna and UHC medical plans.

In-person testing: Drive-thru testing is being offered at Crossover Health's San Tomas Clinic (address and contact information below). Both PCR and rapid tests are available at no cost and must be provider-directed.

To be screened and schedule an appointment, visit the Crossover Health website, or call the clinic directly at 408-708-0204.

Crossover Health @San Tomas
2371 Owen Street
Santa Clara, CA 95045
Hours: Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

At-home testing: Crossover Health is mailing at-home testing kits to eligible employees who are unable to visit a clinic in-person. The no-cost at-home PCR test must be provider-directed.

To be screened and request a test be sent to your home, visit the Crossover Health website, or call the clinic directly at 408-708-0204. Note: Allow a few days for the full screening process (for the test to be shipped, completed at home, and returned by mail).


COVID-19 Member Resource Center

CVS (Cigna & UnitedHealthcare)

Starting January 15, 2022, CVS members can get reimbursed for FDA-authorized or FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) at-home COVID-19 rapid antigen diagnostic tests without a doctor’s prescription. Medical necessity not required.

Limits and cost

Limit: Up to eight (8) OTC COVID-19 at-home tests per member per 30 days.
Cost: $0
Note: Direct Reimbursement capped at $12 per test (inclusive of the cost of test, taxes, and shipping).


Employees enrolled in our Cigna and UnitedHealthcare medical plans have two options for obtaining their free kits through CVS:

Direct coverage

Pick up your kit at an in-network pharmacy where the cost will be covered with zero upfront cost to you.

There are 6 tests that would be covered at the point of sale:

  • Acon Flowflex COVID-19 AG Hometest
  • Access Bio On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Self Test
  • Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 AG Card Home Test
  • Orasure Technologies Inteliswab COVID-19 Rapid Test
  • Quidel Quickvue At Home COVID-19 Test (either the kit with 2 tests or 5 tests)

Anything outside of the 6, members will use the Direct Reimbursement Process.

Direct reimbursement

Purchase an at-home COVID-19 rapid antigen test at any local drugstore or online location and submit a claim for reimbursement via the CVS Caremark member portal.

  • You must provide purchase receipt(s).
  • Maximum reimbursement of $12 per test.

Many COVID-19 tests are sold as a two-pack, which means the test pack would be reimbursed at $24 ($12 for each test).


CVS COVID-19 OTC Resources
CVS OTC Test Kits Flyer
CVS Member Reimbursement Flyer
UHC COVID-19 Resource Center
Cigna COVID-19 Resources

Onsite pickup at Intuit offices

Fully vaccinated workers are welcome to come onsite to pick up Rapid Antigen COVID-19 test kits to bring home to their families.

Onsite safety:

  • Please keep in mind current RTW guidelines outlined at each site.
  • Do not come onsite to get your test kit if you have COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 (even if you are asymptomatic).

Limits and cost

Limit: 2 test kits (2 tests/kit) per Intuit worker
Cost: $0


Test kits are available for pick up by Intuit workers only.

  • Dependents may not pick up test kits.
  • Please do not bring guests onsite when picking up kits.
  • Workers must complete the Daily Health Check before picking up test kits.

Intuit workers may pick up their free COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test kits at security reception.

Office Pick Up Location
Boise Reception Desk
Los Angeles Reception Desk
Mountain View B1 & B20 Reception Desk
New York Reception Desk
Plano Reception Desk
Reno Reception Desk
San Diego Reception Desk 2 & 3
San Francisco Reception Desk
Tucson Reception Desk
Washington DC Reception Desk
Atlanta (MailChimp) Employees can email