The information on this page is for regular employees. If you’re a SelectTime or seasonal employee, visit the benefits site for you.

Commuting Options

Driving to work can be expensive and stressful. Plus, all of those cars on the road take a toll on our planet. To make getting to work easier, greener and less of a hassle, we offer a variety of commuting options.

Online Commuter Benefit (OCB)

The Online Commuter Benefit (OCB) is available to all U.S. full-time employees who use a transit system to get to work. It features an Intuit-paid subsidy, tax benefits and online ordering system, which makes the OCB an easy and cost-effective way for you to use mass transit.

Using the OCB Benefit

The OCB Participant Guide walks you step by step through signing up for the OCB and buying tickets and passes. To register for OCB and learn more about it, go to the Edenred Benefits website.

Once registered, you can purchase tickets or passes, and costs will be automatically deducted from your next two paychecks. The best part is that Intuit contributes up to $150 per month of your transportation costs. This subsidy will show up in the "Income section" of your paystub.

Note: You must purchase tickets or passes by the 10th of the current month to receive them in time to use the following month. For example, if you want a February pass, you need to purchase it by January 10. You'll receive it in the mail by January 25.

A mobile ordering solution is available to manage your OCB. Review the MyCommuter Mobile App User Guide in the sidebar and use company code 1545 when registering.

Save Up to $1,211 a Year in Taxes

When you use the OCB tool through the Edenred Benefits site, the first $270 of transit or parking (including the subsidy) that you spend each month is tax-free.


By carpooling just a couple of days a week, you can save a substantial amount on gas, minimize wear and tear on your car and help the environment.

The Zimride ride-share network is a fun and easy way for you to find colleagues to carpool with. Use Zimride’s private network to quickly and easily find people with similar daily or weekly commuting patterns. Or find ride shares for single trips, such as when you’re going to the airport or corporate off-sites.

Access the Zimride network using your Intuit email address.

You also can explore other ride-matching services such as ride share or iCommute.


A vanpool is a group of five or more individuals who commute together in a private or leased vehicle. Vanpools differ from carpools in two ways:

  1. Riders pay a monthly fee.
  2. The vehicle is typically leased from a vanpool leasing company, such as vRide.

Vanpools differ from public transit or shuttles in that one of the commuters drives the vehicle.

Outside of Mountain View: Vanpool participants are eligible, through the OCB program, to receive up to $150 per month in subsidy assistance from Intuit.


Some Intuit locations are serviced by shuttles. In San Diego, the free SeaBreeze shuttle connects you to the Coaster. Mountain View is serviced by free last mile shuttles from CalTrain as well as a partially subsidized bus from San Francisco, the East Bay and the South Bay. These RidePal shuttles have bike racks and wifi.

EV Charging

Intuit offers free EV Charging at our Mountain View, San Diego, Woodland Hills, Reno, Tucson, Plano and Fredericksburg campuses.


If you ride your bike to work, you can park it outside the Intuit buildings as long as it doesn’t limit access. You’re responsible for properly securing your bicycle and equipment. All locations have bike lockers or racks and showers. Some campuses have bikeshares and bike loan programs.

Guaranteed Ride Home

If you're an Intuit employee, you're eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home service. Guaranteed Ride Home is for employees who use a commuting alternative and need a ride home. Up to five times a year, Intuit will pay for a Lyft, cab or rental car to transport you home.

To use the service:

  1. For Lyft: Call the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) at 1-650-944-6911. Security will dispatch a Lyft-charged to an Intuit account-to take you home.
  2. For a cab:
    • Call a local cab, making sure that the cab service sends a car that accepts Mastercard.
    • Use your P-card to pay.
    • When you file for expense reimbursement, reference the Guaranteed Ride Home program.
  3. For a 24-hour car rental: Call Tom Harrington at extension 45624. Expect to be taken to a service location within 10 miles of your site to get your rental.