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Life skills training

Cognition Builders is a full-service organization that helps families learn to help themselves in all of life’s categories: behavioral, emotional, social, cognitive, and intellectual. They immerse themselves into the everyday environment of individuals and families—home, office, school—to provide beat-by-beat instruction aimed at teaching the necessary skills to ensure a full and happy life.


Intuit employees.

How it works

How to enroll

Call Cognition Builders at 1-646-284-6083 or visit the Cognition Builders website.

How to get started

As an Intuit employee, you can get discounted rates on these programs:

  • Failure to Launch helps the emerging adult child—18 and up—to leave the family nest.
  • Boot Camp helps families get onto the path toward a happier, healthier family dynamic.
  • Family Food Architects are specialists at the intersection of nutrition and cognitive well-being. They work with you to address your nutritional and dietary needs.
  • Scenes From a Family monitors and supports your family remotely to ensure that the sometimes-difficult hours—from after school to bedtime—are not an overwhelming battle.
  • Educationists support teenagers who may need a little extra help, for whatever reason, in conquering college entrance exams. 
  • In-Home Family Architects come into your home to provide support for families and individuals in all of life’s categories: social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and relational.
  • Wingman helps adults who may be struggling to get their social lives back on track for a variety of reasons, such as a recent divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, relocation to a new city, or difficulty entering and maintaining a serious relationship. 

Common questions

How do I get started? Call Cognition Builders at 1-646-284-6083 or visit the Cognition Builders website.

Where to get help

Cognition Builders
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