Virtual Health and Wellness Classes

With eMindful, you can join an online virtual classroom with a live coach who will work with you to create lasting positive change, improve your quality of life and increase your happiness. Coaches use scientifically proven approaches to improve your health and well-being in the areas of stress reduction, behavioral changes and physical health. You can also join a daily mindfulness class.

Daily Mindfulness Classes

  • Attend a daily 30-minute practice.
  • Set a personal mindfulness goal.
  • Join a live guided practice to increase your resilience and decrease stress.
  • Join the discussion board conversation with expert instructors.

Online Courses with a Live Coach

Resilience: Stress Less, Live MoreTM Monthly gives you tools to become more aware of habitual patterns that may undermine your success.

Mindful Eating: Weight Balance for LifeTM Monthly is a live program offered through a virtual classroom that takes a uniquely holistic approach to losing and maintaining weight.

Health and Lifestyle:

  • Better Living with DiabetesTM is a complete curriculum that pinpoints the key issues for successful diabetes management.
  • QuitSmart® Mindfully (QSM) combines the best of Dr. Robert Shipley’s highly successful smoking-cessation program with eMindful’s innovative delivery of applied mindfulness courses.
  • Mindfulness-Based Cancer RecoveryTM is a 12-week mindfulness class to help cancer patients increase their immunological functioning and improve the quality of their lives.
  • Living Well With Chronic PainTM is a supportive skills class to help people living with chronic pain harness the mind’s power and regain control.

To learn more about the classes offered through eMindful, view the course descriptions.

Who's Eligible

eMindful is available to all regular employees via SSO.

Get Started

To sign up for an Intuit-paid annual subscription:

  1. Go to eMindful and enter your Intuit SSO username and password.
  2. When you’re directed to the Intuit/eMindful portal, create your display name. (This is the display name that will appear in the community.) Your name and email address will pre-populate.
  3. Explore the site!