The information on this page is for regular employees. If you’re a SelectTime or seasonal employee, visit the benefits site for you.

Talk with a Therapist

Witnessing the daily upheaval and violence taking place in Ukraine can take a toll on your mental health. You may benefit from exploring these tips and resources for managing your well-being and talking to your kids during times of crisis. And if you ever want to talk through your feelings with someone, be sure to take advantage of the counseling services featured below.

NEW! These days, we’re all struggling with our emotional well-being to some extent. Want to connect with people who can relate to what you’re going through? Join Supportiv, an anonymous peer-to-peer support network open to all Optum EAP members. You’ll have 24/7 access to real-time, moderated chat in a safe, supportive space. To get started, log in to the EAP site (using access code intuit) and then look for Supportiv on the Crisis page.

All of us have moments when life gets tough. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Because taking care of your mental health is important.

Talk to an Expert
Crossover Health Center (Bay Area)
Crisis Prevention

Talk to an Expert

Optum, Intuit's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, is ready to help with small issues, big problems and everything in between, such as:

  • Developing resilience and managing stress
  • Improving relationships at home or work
  • Getting past emotional issues or grief
  • Addressing depression, anxiety or substance use issues

Who's Eligible

All employees, interns, co-ops and seasonal employees, as well as eligible family members, are eligible.

You have access to 10 free, confidential counseling sessions (virtual sessions or in person) for each need that you have, each fiscal year.

Get Started

Connect with confidential help.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to make an appointment and fit it into your schedule. We’ve all been there. Taking care of your mental health shouldn’t come with additional challenges. That’s where telemedicine comes in. Through telemedicine, you have access to virtual counseling services when and where it’s convenient for you.

You can talk to a licensed behavioral health professional who can help you with feelings of stress and anxiety, depression and relationship challenges. If needed, you can also schedule a virtual visit with a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis and/or prescription.


  • Cigna Managed Network Plan: There is a $0 copay for virtual counseling services through the end of FY 22.
  • UnitedHealthcare Network Plan: There is a $0 copay for virtual counseling services through the end of FY 22.
  • Cigna Choice Fund with HSA: There is a $0 copay for virtual counseling services through the end of FY 22.

Teladoc (Cigna and UHC Plans)

If you’re enrolled in a Cigna or UHC medical plan, you have access to Teladoc, which offers virtual counseling services to both adults and children ages 13 and older. You can get started with Teladoc by activating your account online, calling 1-800-TELADOC (1-800-835-2362) or downloading the Teladoc mobile app via the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Who's Eligible

Teladoc is offered as part of your Intuit medical benefits at no cost to you or your covered dependents ages 13 and older. Get started by activating your account and requesting an appointment.

Talkspace (Optum and Cigna)

Along with its many EAP services, Optum offers Talkspace, which lets you connect with a licensed therapist via private texting and live video sessions. You also have access to psychiatrist services and other online resources.

Once you register with Talkspace, you can:

  • Find a therapist using the online matching tool.
  • Start therapy within hours of choosing a therapist.
  • Receive daily responses.
  • Schedule live video sessions (when needed).
  • Download the Talkspace app.

To get started, visit the Talkspace website. You’ll need to enter an authorization code from Optum, which you can get by calling 1-866-240-3364.

If you’re a Cigna member, you can also access Talkspace through your medical plan. To get started, log in to, go to the Latest Updates section and click “See Details” in the New Virtual Behavioral Providers section.

Kaiser Telemedicine

If you're enrolled in a Kaiser plan, you have access to telemedicine services directly through Kaiser’s appointment call center. When you call in, you'll be given the option of having a telephone or video visit. There is no cost for these visits.

  • Kaiser Northern California: 1-866-454-8855
  • Kaiser Southern California: 1-833-574-2273

Crossover Health Center (Bay Area)

The Crossover Health Center, Intuit’s private health center, gives you VIP access to a highly skilled team of physicians and providers who deliver complete, concierge-style health care services, including mental health services when you need someone to talk to. You can also explore mental health topics through Crossover Health's What's on Your Mind? site.

Crossover Health offers support through:

  • Behavioral health visits
  • Psychiatry care
  • Health coaching

Who's Eligible

All regular employees, globally. Get started by registering as a member and setting up your appointment.

Crisis Prevention

If you’re in need of immediate help, call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.