Annual Enrollment

What's New for FY 2018

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We’ve made just a few changes to some of the core benefits you enroll in or update during annual enrollment.

No Medical Cost Increases

Thanks to your participation in Intuit’s wellness programs, which help to keep you and your family healthy, we’re pleased to announce that your medical premiums and copays are not increasing for FY 2018.

You'll see decreased biometric credit amounts in FY 2018. To comply with HIPAA, GINA and ADA, which provide regulations around wellness programs, we must limit credits to $2,080 for the year. If you took the screening last year and earned all the credits, and you stay with your current plan elections, you'll have the same paycheck premium deductions that you had in FY 2017. You'll see a change to the pretax deduction on your check and to the credits, but the impact to you will be zero. If you haven’t met all of the healthy target ranges in the past, you'll now see a lower net premium because you'll receive all credits for simply participating in the screening.

New Medical ID Cards

Cigna and UnitedHealthcare members will receive new ID cards before the start of FY 2018. Your card will include contact info for Accolade, so you can connect with a health assistant who can answer many questions related to your medical plan. You’ll receive no other ID cards unless you’re enrolling in a plan for the first time.

Special Needs Therapy

In addition to applied behavior analysis (ABA) benefits, music therapy and equine therapy sessions will be covered under both the Cigna and UnitedHealthcare plans when deemed medically necessary.

Increase to Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Maximum

You can contribute up to $2,600 per plan year (an increase from $2,500) to your Health Care FSA. Remember: If you’re enrolled in the Cigna Choice Fund HSA plan, the FSA is limited to vision and dental expenses.

Helping You Prosper Throughout the Year

We’re also making changes to some of the year-round benefits that you don’t need to enroll in—and we’re launching some great new benefits as well. Unless otherwise noted, all benefits take effect August 1, 2017.

Your New Personal Health Assistant - Available Now!

You and your family now have access to a personal health assistant through Accolade, a single point of contact dedicated to helping you and your family with your benefit-related questions and concerns. Your health assistant can help you find a doctor in your area, learn the cost of an MRI, address claim issues, find out which Intuit wellness programs fit your needs and assist with lots of other health and wellness matters.

New Well Minds Resources - Available Now!

Through a combination of interactive lessons and research-backed techniques, Lantern teaches you to better manage your stress and anxiety, all through an easy-to-use app.

Whil is a digital mindfulness-practice solution that offers video and audio sessions with industry experts and online content to help you in these areas:

  • Thrive: Mindfulness, focus and sleep training for adults
  • Lead: Search Inside Yourself™ emotional intelligence training
  • Move: On-demand yoga to exercise the body and mind

Plus, Whil’s Grow platform provides mindfulness, focus and sleep training tools to your teenage dependents.

Teladoc: Your New Telemedicine Provider, Also Offering Virtual Counseling Services

Teladoc is replacing MDLIVE as our telemedicine program. It’s available by phone or video 24/7 to help treat minor illnesses such as allergies, ear infections, nausea and vomiting, respiratory infections, sinus problems and urinary tract infections. Teladoc, which is part of your Intuit medical benefits, also offers virtual counseling services for both adults and children ages 13 and older.

Fit for Life Expands to Well-being for Life

The Fit for Life program will cover more services and activities to help with your overall well-being. Along with having additional physical well-being expenses eligible for reimbursement, you’ll be able to get reimbursed for expenses related to your emotional and financial well-being, including sleep programs, services and equipment for individuals with special needs, elder care services, nanny and babysitter background-check services, and financial advising and counseling.

Retrofit and Kurbo: Your New Weight Management Providers

Retrofit is a personalized weight management and healthy living program that gets the whole family focused on good health. You and your family have access to one-on-one coaching, online classes, exercise videos and personalized tips. To further support your family needs, we’re offering Kurbo, a fitness and nutrition program for kids ages 7–17 that’s based on the principles of Stanford’s weight-control program.

eMindful: Lifestyle and Condition-management Coaching Programs

With eMindful, you can join an online virtual classroom with a live coach who will work with you to create lasting positive change, improve your quality of life and increase your happiness. Choose a program that fits your needs:

  • Stress Less, Live More™
  • Weight Balance for Life™
  • Living Fully with Diabetes™
  • QuitSmart® Mindfully (nicotine and tobacco cessation)
  • Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery™
  • Living Well With Chronic Pain™

College Coach®: Admissions Guidance Service

Wondering how you’ll get your kid into the right college and, more importantly, pay for tuition? College Coach is here to help. We piloted this program in FY 2017 and received so much positive feedback that we decided to launch it officially in FY 2018. College Coach is a leading provider of educational advising, offering expert guidance from the best college admissions consultants on the college admissions and financial aid process. They can even review and edit college applications, and recommend schools that best fit your child’s interests and capabilities.

Paid Family Support: Four Weeks of Paid Time Away

We heard from you that having an elderly family member or another dependent who you need to care for adds additional stress to your life. We are now providing four weeks of paid time away for you to:

  • Provide care and support for an aging parent, grandparent or in-law.
  • Provide care and support for a family member who has a chronic condition.
  • Make arrangements for longer-term care and/or care coordination.
  • Provide care and support for a family member with ongoing developmental and/or learning disabilities.

Note: Paid family support cannot be used for the birth or adoption of a child.

Happy Birthday! Your Birthday is Now a Paid Holiday

Take a day to celebrate you! Starting August 1, you’ll be able to take your birthday off and still get paid. The day off must be taken within two weeks (before or after) of your birthday date. Just be sure to coordinate your time off with your manager.